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Darragh McManus: he’s a terrible one for the shitty blog articles, so he is

November 3, 2008 1 comment

Over the weekend, The Observer had a kinda sneery article about the Brand/Ross/Daily Mail clusterfuck headlined “DAVID MITCHELL: How middle England got its voice back”. I couldn’t help but feel the two parts of that sentence were the wrong way round. Read more…


Make-up and stickers and ponies and the week in Laura Barton #1

September 6, 2008 2 comments

Ich Luge Bullets, recently described a “hideous cunt“, has always been one to shout out the rich tapestry of talented, hard-working, insightful, and completely unwilling to take advantage of nepotism and the school tie network members of the UK music press. But we’ve all got jobs to go to, bills to pay, a hustle to get on: you’re not going to get the chance to read every single piece that gets written week in, week out.

Therefore, we here at ILB are proud to present the latest exciting feature for this soon-to-be forgotten 200 hit a day blog, “Make-up and Stickers and Ponies and”, where we helpfully run down the week’s contributions to journalism by certainly my, and hopefully your, favourite music writer, married-to-the-game bon mot dropper Laura Barton of The Guardian. Read more…

Ten reasons that everyone loves Mark Ronson as both a recording artiste and a human being

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

1. Mark’s an award-winner! Obviously, he’s won all of our hearts with his charming personality and fantastic music, but he’s also the winner of GQ Magazine’s 2008 “Alfred Dunhill Award”. You want to know why he’s won that award? Because he’s a “gentleman of independent or non-conformist words and actions”. You know what that makes him? A motherfucking MAVERICK. Read more…

Leader of the Gang Mentality

August 25, 2008 1 comment

Those of us currently on the grind in offices nationwide will have no doubt enjoyed our inboxes being flooded with mildly amusing Gary Glitter photomanips over the past week and a half. Accordingly, you’d probably expect the comments left under Youtube clips of Paul Gadd back in his pomp to roll along a similar vein of “lol paedo”. You’d be wrong. Very very wrong. Read more…