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Schteve McClaren vs Youtube Auto Transcribe

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to do a post like this for time, and in the absence of any desire to provide proper content for this place, fuck it, let’s go with it. Those of you who can drag your browser away from streaming Lisa Ann popshots on YouPorn for long enough to click around on Youtube are possibly familiar with YTs “Auto Transcribe” feature, which provides subtitles for all Youtube videos with the accuracy of the transcription feature you had on the Hewlett Packard microphone you bought back in 1998. Originally, we wanted to use this on a rap video, but the only one that provided that many lols was the one of Guru’s nephew tearfully explaining his uncle’s dying state, and we kinda felt bad about zinging there. So here, instead, are some screengrabs from a video of everyone’s favourite victorious ersatz Dutchman, Steve McClaren, spitting some interview fire in ya face.

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We should probably talk about that Raygun YouTube clip, then.

August 4, 2009 2 comments

Dear American readers of ILB: I apologise, but this post concerns some inane UK indie bullshit that you could only possibly care about if, as a kid, you timed your Sunday baths to ensure that you wouldn’t have to watch Last of the Summer Wine on the family TV. Just be happy your nation has More to Love and leave us limey cocksuckers to it. Read more…

ITT, “Lawyers, Guns and Money”


Zevon was already feeding worms by the time I became aware of him as anything other than “the dude who sang that song about Chinese takeaways”, so I really can’t call myself anything other than a massive latecomer, but all of you out there should know that, alongside HMHB and The Beatnuts, Warren forms part of the triumvate of permanently approved ILB acts. And “Lawyers, Guns and Money” may be his peak. Read more…

Post-Midnight YouTube Filler: Go West – We Close Our Eyes (#5, February 1985)

April 2, 2009 2 comments


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I’m going with my Mom (yes I know!!!) to see them on 22 Feb – she’s been a huge fan of theirs since the 80’s – and Peter is still hot !!!!!! can’t wait – This is an awesome song!!!!!!!! Read more…

Post-midnight YouTube filler: My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise) (#19, March 2005)

February 20, 2009 1 comment


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i can’t believe gerard wrote this after his addicton to cocanie(i think, maybe it was somethin else) but i hav felt alone, rejected, confuesed, lost, anxious, wronged, you know. baisicly the song, except i’m a chick Read more…

A brief consideration of BiasedBBC’s YouTube favourites folder

February 16, 2009 Leave a comment



Google Reader clearly doesn’t think much of my current political positions. In addition to (repeatedly, over and over and over again) suggesting that I subscribe to Nah Right’s RSS feed (God forbid I get out of the loop when it comes to Freeway drops), it keeps on pushing me in the direction of various right-wing political blogs. Diary columns from the Daily Mail, Conservative Home, various Tory MP constituency blogs… and Biased BBC. Read more…

ILB contemplates the obese vloggers #1: panacea81

November 19, 2008 3 comments


Changing times for those of those of us here at IchLugeBullets, because today marked the time we dropped three stone from our starting weight, and all we had to do was put up with the increasingly creepy compliments of our personal trainer on our thighs and listen to “Like This, Like That” by Se:Sa 138 times over the past three months. But there’s problems here: this means we can upgrade to a better kind of partner than the “crazy fattey who feels the need to share her life with the internet” model we’ve been rolling with for the past… however many years it was since I was 16. Therefore, we here at ILB present the first in an occasional series highlighting some of the most important fat annoying women to have made an impact on YouTube, to the point they’ve been made a “YouTube partner”. That means they actually get paid to spread their inane bullshit to the internet. These people all earn more money than you. Anyway, enjoy: Read more…