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Let’s all laugh at a man in sad terminal decline

September 4, 2008 2 comments

Hilarious interview with Andy Kershaw in today’s Independent, especially if you enjoy chortling at former national radio DJs reduced to gibbering, delusional, aggressive wrecks by a marriage break-up caused by their infidelity.

High spots include:

“It’s a small town,” he says. “On 2 November I went digging for lugworms on Peel beach to go fishing. Then, at 11.30am, I walked around to the kiosk at Peel breakwater to get a cup of coffee. The two of them happened to be there. He had just moved in. It was acknowledged in court that I didn’t speak to them, didn’t make any physical contact. When I was sentenced after Christmas, I ended up doing seven-and-a-half weeks for looking at my ex-partner. That’s what it amounted to.”

“Because we have this young, nutty dog – a Schnauzer called Buster – with a huge personality, I even sent, for the entertainment of the kids, letters ostensibly written by Buster.”

There is a syndrome in the Isle of Man called the Manx crab. The scenario is that there are a number of crabs in a bucket. And one shows the initiative to climb out. What do the others do? They drag it back in to the bucket. People tell me time and time again that I am a victim of the Manx crab syndrome.”

Fantastic. Not as good as Kershaw going on Radio 4 a few nights after John Peel’s death and claiming that the BBC killed him, but still a cracker.


Civil Disobedience

Apropos of absolutely nothing at all, here‘s an article written by Ed Caesar in the Independent about 18 months ago, detailing the “fairy tale” love affair of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder Civil, and discussing how their marriage is a perfect marker for what a relationship should be in the modern era. Read more…

That Judas of “Hawaiian Sophie” fame, kept his name in my op-ed

July 14, 2008 1 comment

So, hey, back in those heady hova-nistic days of June 2008, lots of broadsheet newspapers were very happy to tell you that if you weren’t down with the hip-hop, as they undoubtedly have been since day one (they totally gave four stars to Lupe man, why ain’t you supporting the scene like them?), you were a racist.

Read more…

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