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Holy Jesus fucking Christ the new Eminem single really is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard

April 7, 2009 2 comments

How… how has this happened? Read more…


Worst single of the year 2008: Skint and Demoralised – Red Lipstick

December 12, 2008 9 comments



May as well let you know in advance: isn’t going to bother with 500 year end posts, a slow countdown of our favourite albums of the years, or endless pen essays on “What 2008 meant to me”. 2008 can basically be summed down to me with the phrases “Detroit neo-backpacker rap is the best genre out there right now”, “The Indelicates are great” and “It’s fun to do impressions of DJ Khaled”. That’s your 2008 rap up right there, word to Skillz. We will, however, make an exception to pay tribute to this year’s shittiest release: “Red Lipstick” by Skint and Demoralised. Read more…

Webcomics: certainly my favourite thing ever

November 10, 2008 3 comments



If Ich Luge Bullets suddenly changed from its current mission statement as a one-stop shop for mithering invective aimed at the UK music journalism scene, and instead focussed solely on me taking a piss against the wall of webcomics, then we’d achieve a post rate similar to those rap blogs that exist by posting up every single fucking press release they get, so by the end of the day they have 37 Charles Hamilton freestyles, 74 B.O.B. mixtape track zshares, and a live streaming update link from Mickey Factz’s Twitter account (“@BarackObama: well done man!”). However however however… this annoyed me for other reasons. Read more…

This week in fucking stupid ideas for web 2.0 blogs that are thankfully going to lose everyone involved with them a vast amount of money

August 20, 2008 2 comments