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Chloe Papas is a racist and a hypocrite

July 31, 2012 39 comments

The great thing about the internet is that it gives us the chance to elevate people to the point of heroes before we’ve had a chance to look into who they are. It’s the classic local news story of the guy who’s given the freedom of the city for rescuing orphans from a fire, and then has it retracted the week after when someone realises he did 15 years in prison for child sex offences. And so it is with Chloe Papas.


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How I learned to start worrying and love Media Take Out

There’s a tendency among journalists to toss the word “minstrelsy”, or at least  the misspelled “minstrelry”, at any rap album they don’t approve of. For instance here’s someone calling Gucci Mane a minstrel, here’s someone else tossing the accusation at Jay-Z, and here’s noted scholar on the taxonomy of racial integration Nick Cannon taking shots at assorted southern rappers for being minstrels (video contains the only decent beat Nas has been on since 2005). Read more…

Racist fun with Benny Benassi

September 24, 2009 1 comment

Benny Benassi. You remember him, right? “Push me, and then just touch me, so I can get my, satisfaction”.  A bunch of off-duty Max Power models doing DIY in the video. Had a follow-up single that sounded like DJ Hell messing about with the speech function of his iMac. Right, you remember him. Anyway, his official website has a series of different flash videos for whenever you refresh the main page, kinda like Homestar Runner except this is basically just All Poopsmith All The Time. The videos feature a picture of Benjamin, and then it morphs into something else. Clever, I know. Anyway, here’s the before of one of the photos…

benny benassi

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10 Reasons Why Rap Doesn’t Suck

May 18, 2009 3 comments

Longtime readers of ILB will now be expecting me to say something like “And even after all that, he’s still more learn’ed a writer about rap music than Hattie Collins”, but recently I’ve started getting bare hits on this blog for just my name and then the names of random Guardian music hacks. So either a) you, the readers, are desperately trying to remember “Oh, what was that funny thing the fat Italian dude said about George Monbiot’s review of that Gigi D’Agostino gig or b) I’m actually about to be murdered and Farringdon’s hitsquad are just gathering of all the slurs committed against Louis Pattison’s name.  I am not going to die of natural causes, unlike Pimp C or Big Pun. Read more…

Nemi is a racist

September 25, 2008 4 comments

No, I’m not quite sure what “hop-hop” is either. I’m also not quite sure as to why Nemi and friend are sitting in front of an advert for Darkie toothpaste: Read more…