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ILB’s only comment on the Pitchfork decade-end lists

October 10, 2009 2 comments

thom yorke

Well, that’s all we’re going to say until (*AIRHORN SAMPLE* EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE *AIRHORN SAMPLE*) the Stylus celebratory one-off return “we’re getting the gang back together” decade-end polls drop in a month or so’s time.

Yep, none of us have moved on with our lives in the interim.


Pearl Jam fans have an opinion

pearl jam

Pearl Jam have released a new album, “Backspacer”. Most places have decided that now is the time and the place to confer upon Pearl Jam the Oasis/REM seal of “No really! This is a stunning return to form” marquee-reviewing. Pitchfork, however, disagreed, and former Stylus mainstay Joshua “Josh” Love only found it worthy of a 4.6. So far, so fascinating. Read more…

Hold On Now, Tubster

August 18, 2008 5 comments