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Noel Gallagher has left Oasis

August 29, 2009 1 comment

black gallagher

He was the one who was always pretty sound in interviews, right, on some “lol Jay-Z/Bloc Party/Coldplay/all American bands fucken suck” tip, right? Rather than the one who wanted Damon Albarn to get the AIDS. Anyway, the only decent Oasis song is “Whatever” so we won’t be paying any tribute to the band via MP3s. Instead, we’ve got the following for you: Read more…


Today’s ILB guest music critic: Cristiano Ronaldo

July 21, 2009 1 comment

Courtesy of your super soaraway:

“Liverpool have The Beatles and Manchester have Oasis. I think we (Manchester) have the better band.

“I have all the Oasis albums but my favourite track by far is Champagne Supernova. It’s an absolute classic.

“One thing I will miss about Manchester is Oasis.

“I will be honest, I didn’t even know who they were when I first arrived in Manchester, but you can’t live there long without knowing who they are.

“The lads in the dressing room loved them, especially the English boys.

“When I came to England I was into my techno, but I think Oasis are one of my favourite bands now.”

Charlie Sloth: “Gallagher vs. Carter”

September 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Up until this point, I was solely aware of Charlie Sloth as a mediocre UK rapper who looks like he should be bouncer at an It’s A Scream pub. But apparently he’s gunning for Weird Al’s number one spot now. Lulzy enough, in a kinda TV Offal way.