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You ain’t a crook son, you’re just a shook one

July 24, 2008 1 comment

The Vanilla Midget of the crit game, Giles Coren, on the warpath over at The Times. Ignoring the devolution into txtspk capitalisation, the pointless use of the phrase “dual valency”, and homeboy’s refusal to actually submit his e-mails through a spellchecker before he sends them, I’m just stunned that anybody would get so butthurt over the fact that their sub-Two Ronnies song routine wordplay got dicked about with. Dicked about, as fluent Yiddish speakers will know, can have two meanings.

BONUS FACT: I’ve met two women in my life who find  Giles Coren attractive. One of them has since been sectioned under the Menthal Health Act.