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Grading the fat acceptance gravatars

January 20, 2009 1 comment


You know how we do on IchLugeBullets, we stay ahead of the curve. And are there two more exciting things to discuss right now than the concepts of “globally recognised avatars”, as in pictorial representations of internet users that stay constant across a number of websites, and “fat acceptance”, as in a post-feminist movement consisting of women who did feminism 101 at university, found that whole “fighting for equality” thing a bit too much like hard work, but did take great to the “fat is a feminist issue” thing, and promptly when balling in Greggs? Of course there isn’t So we here at ILB would like to present to you a brief review of some of our favourite fat acceptance blog gravatars. No links to the websites themselves, because we really don’t need to give these people any more coverage than they deserve.

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