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Half Man Half Biscuit on Marc Riley, 2010

2010 has promised us a lot of things that it hasn’t delivered on – a play-off push from Northampton Town, dead pool points from Al-Megrahi’s death, hit blog IchLugeBullets capitalising on its early popularity and ascending to the next level – but if Probe Plus’s rumours of a new Half Man Half Biscuit album dropping in the next few months are true, we’ll forgive the shitheap the past three seasons has consisted of. Read more…


On Half Man Half Biscuit, “Joy Division Oven Gloves”, and the “Save 6Music” campaign

Little brings as much joy to my empty heart as the despair some people feel when they realise the musicians and songs they hold dearest to their hearts have now been appropriated by the advertising industry. It doesn’t matter what Vashti Bunyan means to you personally, because to everyone else she now means 300 texts and 250 minutes for £25 a month on any Vodafone contract. Have the words of John Prine talked you out of ending it all on many an occasion? Well maybe now they’ll talk you into buying the new peri peri chicken Subway. And regardless of the exhilaration of that last minute bid war with a Norwegian cratedigger for a Freestyle Fellowship promo vinyl on eBay, everyone else has now heard that unreleased joint because it’s now soundtracking NASCAR 2010 on the Wii. I found this stuff hilarious. And then the “Save 6 Music” campaign happened. Read more…

Your Stylus Decade supplement for the day

January 4, 2010 1 comment

I’m contractually obliged to inform you that The Stylus Decade, featuring the reunion of all your favourite Stylus writers from the mid-90s getting back together to count down the best albums, tracks, and cat photos of 2000-2009, went live with the first fifths of its lists today. If you thought All Saints’ reunion in 2006 was stunning, baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. Anyway, over the coming days ILB will be throwing up a few MP3s to coincide with our albums/tracks written about that day, in some sort of crazy multi-platform web 2.0 branding deal. You know, like that hilarious meerkat from the hilarious insurance hilarious adverts. Read more…

Some music we’ve been listening to while not bothering to update this thing

We may as well close this blog down now. I think Phil Brown won music this weekend. People go on and fucking on about George Jones on Hee-Haw as some sort of gold standard of vocal performances, but the KC crowd got treated to something that made GJ need to go and play the back for a while. Pretend you’re a UK-based broadsheet football columnist here by writing your own played-out string of punchlines revolving around Cuprinol, Britney Spears’ microphones, call centre employees, or Tango adverts. And then collect a £75k a year minimum salary.

Read more…

Hot new genre: songs that contain the words “conglomerate” and “fuck” in the same sentence

Half Man Half Biscuit – Epiphany (Peel Session, 2004)

January 15, 2009 4 comments


In what probably counts as the most important find in any field anyone will make in 2009, the John Peel archivist MP3 blog  “The Perfumed Garden” actually upped a complete set of Half Man Half Biscuit Peel Sessions last summer, which I only discovered in the past 48 hours. Go here to download nothing but bangers from the greatest band England ever produced, or go after the cut to see me pontificate about one song in particular.. Read more…