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Some music we’ve been listening to while not bothering to update this thing

We may as well close this blog down now. I think Phil Brown won music this weekend. People go on and fucking on about George Jones on Hee-Haw as some sort of gold standard of vocal performances, but the KC crowd got treated to something that made GJ need to go and play the back for a while. Pretend you’re a UK-based broadsheet football columnist here by writing your own played-out string of punchlines revolving around Cuprinol, Britney Spears’ microphones, call centre employees, or Tango adverts. And then collect a £75k a year minimum salary.

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Bathgate ft Cassidy – Ringling Brothers

April 20, 2009 1 comment


Billy Bathgate. They had it in the library. I thought of you.Read more…

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Damion Suomi – Save Your Ass



You can tell Damion Suomi is some kinda indie kinda folkie kinda not quite coffee shop but not quite bar room thing either thing because a) he’s named his debut album after himself and b) he’s called “Damion Suomi”. With an “o”.  And a “Suomi”. Read more…