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I saw Lon Chaney Jr walking with the Queen, they were putting a bangin’ donk on it


As a third consecutive part to what it is rapidly becoming “Britisher shit with no wider interest to a large part of our audience” week on ILB, we’d feel like we’d not really paid you enough attention if we didn’t point you in the direction of Donk DJ, your number one website for putting bangin’ donks on things. Upload any track of your choosing, and out the other end will come something more than suitable for filling floors at the finest of northern provincial town nightclubs with names like “Empire’s” and “Chevy’s”. Join us after the jump for Blackout-esque takes on popular tunes by recording artists such as Mobb Deep, Warren Zevon, and Barrington Levy. Feel free to share your efforts with us as well, because apparently bloggers are meant to end all posts with lame-ass requests for interactivity like that, or at least the BBC sports writers seem to thing so.  Read more…


Blackout Crew – Dialed

March 24, 2009 1 comment


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these guys are clearly addicted to amphetamines like 90% of other people workin in call centres….

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IchLugeBullets pays tribute to All Around The World

December 15, 2008 Leave a comment

As we’ve gone over previously, no year-end lists at That’s a promise. However, just to give you a little insight into what would have been there, it’s perhaps worth knowing that both me and professional Rocktimist blogger-lookalike Simon Reynolds share just one track in our top ten of the year: Blackout Crew’s “Put A Donk On It”. Read more…