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Congratulations to America and all their fans on a tremendous achievement

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment


I mean, effectively, this post here is the one that we would have posted in April if a) Veltroni had beaten Berlusconi and b) this blog was actually, y’know, active in April. Only without seminal Italian acts Pooh and that one dude that did that “somebody answer the phone” techno tune. But never let it be said that ILB doesn’t mark the major occasions. Free MP3s after the jump Read more…


Pop criticism on the campaign trail

September 19, 2008 Leave a comment

From what I understand there’s some election-or-other happening across the pond, where apparently the main talking points of the campaign boil down to how much ABBA is too much to have on your iPod. Thankfully, some brave political pundits, notably John McWorter of the NY Sun, have looked aside from the spin and deceit in order to drop some pretty intellectual viewpoints on the hip-hop: Read more…

The week in possibly related posts

It’s always good to do a brief round-up, but it seems a little retarded to simply mention what’s on the seven-or-eight posts below this one. Instead, what we’ve decided to do is help you catch up on some of those awesome “Possibly related posts: automatically generated” from the bottom of my missives this week that you may have missed. Read more…

Professional Barack Obama lookalikes

August 15, 2008 1 comment