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The inevitable and utterly uninteresting to anyone fantasy football post for the season

August 15, 2009 2 comments

Skinner and Baddiel

Being a hip-hop fan living in the UK, you know what’s always utterly fascinating to me? That month during the year when US rap blogs just decided to stop writing about, you know, actual rap music for a few weeks and instead decide to let me know how the New Jersey Carpool will be lining up this year, and whether or not DeDonnell Donnellson’s trade from the Fresno Baristas to Manhattan Transfer will change the shape of the league. Well, in a return gesture, here’s me writing about the line-up of my fantasy football team, maybe just beause I can. Last year, Put Ryan Donk On It finished 40,627th out of 2 million entrants, so I’m clearly a fucking genius. Here’s how this year’s team, Fat & A Clown, Bill line up week one. Americans may wanna play the back for this one. Read more…


I-Spy guide to Stacie Orrico’s mastery of disguises

October 9, 2008 3 comments


I think it’s, like, Eid or Yom Kippur or some bullshit today, so one love to you if that’s your particular religion, but some of us were raised Catlick and we like to shout out our faith’s most beloved proponents. No, not The Hold Steady or Belgian tax-dodging lesbian suicide pact favourite The Singing Nun. No, here we pay tribute to Ms Stacie Orrico.

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