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Albums that I probably should have reviewed this year #1: “Sin-A-Matic: The 80s Edition” by Louis Logic and JJ Brown

September 24, 2008 1 comment

Although you’d be hard-pressed to realise it while looking at my statistics, apparently there was some music released this year that wasn’t recorded by Los Campesinos or Royce Da 5’9″. Crazy, I know. Anyway, we here at ILB are proud to present the first in an occasional series looking at those albums we didn’t cover the first time round, either due to lack of ability for anything to say about it, 18-hour-day subbing shifts at the office, or the sole fact that I have single-handedly alienated every single commissioning editor in the UK and as such have no real outlet outside of a fucking WordPress blog. Enjoy.

I think this album is some sort of conceptual in-joke? Read more…