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What obscure early 90s rap act Dead at Birth went on to do

May 10, 2012 2 comments

As long-term readers of the site will know, if there was ever an ILB Hall of Fame, J-Zone would be an inaugural round inductee along with Townes van Zandt, Les Kellett and April Flores. Read more…


People who fuck animals: what’s on your iPod?

August 10, 2008 3 comments

I got an e-mail the other day from “, the internet’s #1 resource for bestiality erotica”. There’s a reason: I’d signed up for it a few years ago to research an article for Goth wankrag Bizarre Magazine (the article was about how to train animals to have sex with you, good wholesome family fun). Anyway, were upset that I hadn’t visited them for a few years, despite the fact not twigging that being as I’d never posted, and my username was a fucking Billy Joel song, that I might not actually be interested in tossing off gerbils or rimming midges or whatever.

Anyway, so out of boredom I decided to clickthrough. And, joy of joys, has a “What are you listening to” thread! Yep, a one stop, 4,650 post thread so you can know at any given time of night what animal molestors are bumping on their iPod. It’s an… interesting mix, and as a friend, I feel I should share the following screengrabs with you. It’s funny, y’know: you might find it hard to validate the musical authority of someone whose message board signature informs us that they’re “powered by rottweiler cock”, but I still have more respect for their opinions more than Laura Barton’s. Funny that. Read more…

Stalking “Babycakes” songsters 3 of a Kind via Facebook

August 9, 2008 2 comments

So, Burial has been unmasked incorrectly. FACT. Burial is in fact the white guy from 3 of a Kind, who stormed into the charts in August 2004 with their #1 smash “Babycakes”, as viewed up above. This William Bevan character is a patsy put forward because the dubstep crowd would freak their shit out if they thought their purveyor of Sarf Lahndan bus journey soundscapes was the same dude who let us know he liked it down low a few years back. Read more…