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In which I Google telephone recording laws for New York City but find no crime has been committed against me

October 25, 2011 8 comments

So yeah, we here at ILB were just working on our latest, sure to shock the nation project that launches this weekend. We were 3/4 of a way down a bottle of Amarone, alternating between Xhamster and like we do for most of our lives in a never-ending spiral of self-fulfilling self-loathing. When we got a phone call. At 10pm. Read more…


Everything wrong with this country in 2011 summed up in one tweet

It doesn’t even really matter what the song was.

UKHH round-up: Skinnyman tries to kill woman, goes to prison

July 26, 2011 4 comments

I think I’ve touched on this briefly before, but there’s always a sense that listening to British rap music is a lot like supporting a lower league football team: you know what you’re a fan of is of an objectionably lower quality that what you could find elsewhere but fuck it, if you can’t support local talent then what can you do. Plus there is a lot of physical similarity between British rappers and League Two footballers, what with the intoxicating mix of malnourished white guys with Tippex skin and fat black dudes with meatheads and bodies the girth of a Glastonbury tent. Read more…

Pretty sure there might be something “vaguely objectionable” about selling a comic book version of the Lara Logan rape

February 21, 2011 4 comments

Wow, yeah, no there’s nothing wrong with this this is a perfectly legitimate thing to start selling. Read more…

I know everyone clowned “Our House Is Dadless” about six weeks ago, but…

…I have some final notes to make. Read more…

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Girls Aloud rape porn round-up

October 2, 2008 4 comments

Take a look at this cheeky chappy, caught dead in the middle of a “wait a minute, is someone pointing a camera at me?” moment. He may look like a slightly more toned version of every music journalist ever, but he’s actually a man in the middle of a sex crime legal case! Read more…