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IchLugeBullets vs Them’s The Vageries: podcast event of the year

January 27, 2012 1 comment

Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how either, ILB hasn’t alienated every single person out there during our four-year reign of blogging supremacy. Read more…


The triumphant return of Wiley the Keyboard Warrior

November 23, 2008 1 comment


Could someone get Wiley a World of Warcraft subscription or membership to a furry porn website that publishes all its users personal log-in details? Anything that ensures he spends his time on the internet doing something less embarassing than broadcasting his thoughts on message boards. 

We’ve been here before. The man who Grimey Simey Reynolds once called, seemingly without any sense of irony, “the UK’s equivalent of Rakim, Chuck D, Ice Cube, Nas” seemingly doesn’t click “preview post” to see what utter inane self-clowning shit he’s posting before the submit button is pressed. Anyway, word to Consolevania we here at ILB have been “checkin’ the forums” with regards to the Rolex advocate to see what he’s been saying this week.

Read more…

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WordPress: keeping you up to date with all the major sports news since 2003

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

The week in possibly related posts

It’s always good to do a brief round-up, but it seems a little retarded to simply mention what’s on the seven-or-eight posts below this one. Instead, what we’ve decided to do is help you catch up on some of those awesome “Possibly related posts: automatically generated” from the bottom of my missives this week that you may have missed. Read more…

Shout out to public housing, I brought the whole hood with me

Man like Nick Southall, a few ex-Stylus guys, and some other dudes dragged in off the streets have launched a new blog entitled Rocktimists, which, despite the utterly awful name, I fully expect to deliver the heat over the coming months. Read more…

Civil Disobedience

Apropos of absolutely nothing at all, here‘s an article written by Ed Caesar in the Independent about 18 months ago, detailing the “fairy tale” love affair of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder Civil, and discussing how their marriage is a perfect marker for what a relationship should be in the modern era. Read more…

A brief history of vandalism to MP3 blogger Wikis

July 20, 2008 3 comments

Being, at heart, a bored office worker, one of the true loves of my life is Wikipedia vandalism. Read more…