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Tom’s Top Picks For The Year

January 17, 2009 Leave a comment

thedaisyofyourchoice1 If you ask me, the most important piece of news out there at the moment is WordPress has decided that “K_Blade’s PUA blog” is a similar enough blog to this to start appearing as a “suggested post” under a bunch of ILB entries. And really, how can you not flock to any weblog cataloguing the adventures of a pick-up artist in Grimsby? As “K_Blade” himself says, “reading Neil Strauss’s The Game… was one of those lightbulb events when suddenly your reality shifts slightly and your view of the world around you changes”, and I don’t think any of us could argue with that. Thrill as he opens up a “three set” in Cleethorpes, and groan as he fails to follow up “indicators of interest” displayed by a woman standing next to a man dressed as a stormtrooper. In all fairness, it’s a lot more interesting than me listening to MySpace’s tips for the year, which is going to take up the rest of this entry. Read more…

Just reviewed this: Nick Catchdubs & Mr Ducker: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

September 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Originally it read “for chicks, Pavement”, but for some reason I can’t get my casual misogyny past the DIS sub-editors. Roger Sterling wouldn’t have stood for that, I can tell you. Zshare link after the break Read more…

Just reviewed this: Hold Steady – Stay Positive