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In celebration of: Rihanna aficionado Kaven Marenger

January 26, 2012 1 comment

Some days, blogging is like cutting open a vein to let the poison out. Some days, this is all I, you, we have: an outlet where our thoughts get manifested as a desperate shout out to the world. Some days, all I can do is type until the words make no sense to me but hopefully to someone else. This is not one of those days. This is a day where we laugh at a Canadian sexcase who’s stalking some that chick from the Bahamas who got boyed up a few years back. Read more…


The best of Dirty Bieber Secrets

September 4, 2011 29 comments

You gotta hand it to 15-year-old girls: they’ve got the Tumblr game on fucking lock. While American music writers use the platform to copy and paste pictures of A RAPPER standing next to AN INDIE MUSICIAN or sharing their fascinating opinions on patriarchal hegemony in the music of Brooks and Dunn, 15-year-old girls are out there dropping original content for days, sourcing the best memes and networking like motherfuckers. Read more…

In celebration of: the fake Krissi Murison Twitter account

April 5, 2010 1 comment

That coat of arms is a little racist, isn’t it? The fake Twitter account game has been ruined slightly by the estimated 75,000 erstatz Phil Browns currently clogging this particular internet tube up, but rest assured some gems do still lurk around out there. For instance, @ThomasKnox is a hilarious pastiche of a clapped out 90s lads mag reject who coped with the increasing awareness of his own pathetic mortality as he reaches his 40s by becoming a reactionary Tory shitbag.

Another Twitter account that brought the lulz was @krissi_murison_, since deleted by some of IPC’s more feisty legal department warriors. However, you know that ILB has connections in the best of places, and so we are proud to bring you, from the libellers’ hands itself, the potted highlights of that Twitter account as was after the jump: Read more…

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In celebration of: Tom Gair

January 18, 2010 2 comments

i dunno if you’re supposed to be taking the piss, but your review of Theo London’s mixtape was a fucking travesty. sort yourself, i ent saying its really a good album, but some of your comments were just downright hateful. noticed most of your bad reviews are attributed with those people who aint white too, nice one, oh sorry you not liek black people commenting on your page?

Oh man, you motherfuckers never learn Read more…

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Steve Lamacq RIP

August 10, 2009 4 comments

Jean Baptiste Lamarck

He’s either dead or finally leaving Radio 1 after 16 years, I forget which one.

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Let us ironically reappraise hipsters

April 27, 2009 8 comments



If any of you people actually discussed music outside of gay-ass internet circle jerks where people are weeping salt tears at the closure of Idolator (and I personally am mourning their intricate brand of “Silversun Pickups are touring, I bet that’ll be good” high-end content), you’d learn something quite interesting. For the outside world, “indie” and “hipster” are interchangeable terms. Tell someone that you like The Indie Rock, and regardless of whether or not you’re popping The Pains of Being Pure at Heart or the fucking Old 97s, dollars-to-donuts this person will have now pegged you as a hipster. 

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Is there an argument to be made for the Bloodhound Gang?

February 14, 2009 5 comments


It’s been a little confusing for me, watching Charlotte Roche’s rise to being an Important Literary Figure and the Queen of TMI, if only because I can remember her previous calling. Like many an immigrant family, I grew up in a house with a hooky satellite dish. In addition to supplying us with the requisite RAI and Mediaset channels so my father could spend roughly 1/5 of his living life watching Walker: Texas Ranger in Italian, it also gave us German music channels. As a 14-year-old, the alternative station “Viva Zwei” was fucking manna for me, providing me with all those exciting new bands that were sure to be equally loved by myself and the wider world over a decade later: The Arsonists, Three Colours Red, Scott 4, Brassy. Read more…