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ILB’s Week In Spotify: #3


Just think, we here at IchLugeBullets were all up on Spotify as far back as six weeks ago, and now it’s become such big business that it’s even earned itself an article in either thelondonpaper or London Lite, written by either of the respective lead music writers for those two publications, the one who looks like a straight-up paedo or the one who looks like a slightly more sophisticated 21st century groomer. The joys. We here at ILB are proud to present what we’ve been bumping on the green and black circle over the past ten days. Rather than, you know, providing you with content.

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ILB’s week in Spotify playlists #2

February 26, 2009 1 comment


From the blog you all know and love as being written by “yet another clueless wannabe music critic“, and was told by one girl this week that if I hadn’t been gassed from The Guardian she would have sucked my dick, we hereby present another brief glimpse of what we’ve been fucking with over the past seven days on hot new Web2.0 thing Spotify. We’d like to thank Charlie of Busted and Fightstar for posing for this week’s introductory photo as well.

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ILB’s Week In Spotify #1

February 13, 2009 Leave a comment


Can you believe the internet seemingly doesn’t have a better picture of Spotty from the Bash Street Kids on it? Or, for that matter, a good high resolution image of the entire Bash Street gang together? We have all this fucking money being thrown at trying to make a movie based around something called “The Watchmen” a hit, while at the same time forgetting the true kings of the British comic industry. Makes me fucking sick… Anyway, for the uninitiated, Spotify is the “new” “thing”, go here for an explan. One of the best things about it though is that it gives us here at ILB the chance to make up playlists based around bullshit notions and then you can just click a link we shove in here and read along 40 word pithy track reviews while you listen in real time. Isn’t that a wonder? Anyway, here’s this week’s playlist, which helpfully accompanied me spending 30 hours in the office over a period of two days. Good times.