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Should Matthew Perpetua stop creeping on my ex-girlfriend?

July 2, 2010 1 comment

Long-time readers of ILB will be aware that we’ve been known to make the occasional quip about former MTV shill and minor indiepop blogger Matthew Perpetua. Whether we’ve been pointing out he’s a disgusting liar whose prepared to take the credit for the achievements of his so-called business partners, noting that he runs like a pussy whenever he’s called out by equal pussies, or just editing his Wikipedia entry to claim he is responsible for the death of that Von Erich brother who drowned in a puddle, it’s been a proud tradition of this site. Read more…

ILB contemplates the obese vloggers #1: panacea81

November 19, 2008 3 comments


Changing times for those of those of us here at IchLugeBullets, because today marked the time we dropped three stone from our starting weight, and all we had to do was put up with the increasingly creepy compliments of our personal trainer on our thighs and listen to “Like This, Like That” by Se:Sa 138 times over the past three months. But there’s problems here: this means we can upgrade to a better kind of partner than the “crazy fattey who feels the need to share her life with the internet” model we’ve been rolling with for the past… however many years it was since I was 16. Therefore, we here at ILB present the first in an occasional series highlighting some of the most important fat annoying women to have made an impact on YouTube, to the point they’ve been made a “YouTube partner”. That means they actually get paid to spread their inane bullshit to the internet. These people all earn more money than you. Anyway, enjoy: Read more…