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IchLugeBullets’ Singles Club: The Indelicates – Unity Mitford

November 29, 2009 2 comments

The Indelicates’ debut album, “American Demo”, is one of ILB’s top 20 LPs of the decade. We get the feeling nobody else likes them, being as they are basically two trolls, one of whom wants to be Luke Haines and the other one who looks like the chick who does the “Real Life Photo Drama” spoofs in Viz. But we hold them very close to our hearts here at ILB. Read more…


Post-midnight MP3 filler: Francisco Canaro – San Benito De Palermo

edison cavani

Palermo 2 – Napoli 1

(Cavani 45,  Miccoli 75 pen) (Hamsik 73)

That’s what you get for taking the cocaine trade from us, you poorly hygiened motherfuckers.

Francisco Canaro – San Benito De Palermo (MP3)

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Hank Penny – Peroxide Blonde

October 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Romanian footballer lookin' boy

It was either this or a photo of the Romanian national team from 1998.

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