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Dan Hancox memorial post

July 29, 2009 5 comments

the night chicago died
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Well, he’s not dead yet, obviously, but anyone who’s been following Dan Hancox’s heartbreaking series of blog posts on CommentIsFree detailing his battle with stomach cancer will be aware his time on this planet is limited. We at ILB have been touched by this, and threw the Batsignal up to find someone who could replace him. Society, whether or not it realises it or not, needs a prissy, cossetted, privately-educated Oxbridge ponce writing about urban music, otherwise certain… “undesirable” members of society might start demanding to be allowed to write about the music that, you know, they actually created and maintained for the past 70 years. ILB is now proud to present to you Louis: a legit, 3k a term education, graduate of Oxbridge, 100% dyed-in-the-wool posh kid. He will now be reviewing hip-hop, R&B, whateverthefuck that shit is that’s on Channel U these days, and other genres on this site in the upcoming future. Here he is on some of the latest bloghype rap tracks. Take it away, Lil’ Louis: Read more…


Guest writers on ILB #1: “The Real Truth Seeker”

February 3, 2009 2 comments


Hi there “keepinthfaithlastday“,

I saw your comment on the video for Kanye’s “Classic” about how Tupac was murdered by Masonic forces controlled by Puffy and Jay-Z. I’d heard something about this before but never got the entire story. Would you mind writing a short piece for the blog I maintain,, where you go into this in a little further detail? Thanks,

Dom Passantino, editor and writer, Read more…