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Chloe Papas is a racist and a hypocrite

July 31, 2012 39 comments

The great thing about the internet is that it gives us the chance to elevate people to the point of heroes before we’ve had a chance to look into who they are. It’s the classic local news story of the guy who’s given the freedom of the city for rescuing orphans from a fire, and then has it retracted the week after when someone realises he did 15 years in prison for child sex offences. And so it is with Chloe Papas.


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Wes Butters is a cunt: the re-up

June 18, 2011 3 comments

Editor’s note: Herein is a post first published by ILB in March 2010 that was taken down for various unspecified reasons. We feel the time has come to republish it. Please note that all words herein are exactly the same as written in March 2010 and have not been edited for the sake of journalistic integrity/innate laziness. Read more…

Beyonce at Glastonbury: your guide to how to write a shit article about it

March 9, 2011 2 comments

British music criticism is like the life of Avram Grant: humiliating nadir after humiliating nadir occasionally interspersed with perfunctory bouts of lacklustre sub-adequeacy. Its main faults are obvious: its body is a pack of adult males who have been rejected by every single person and institution they’ve sought inclusion from up until this point and now they’re attempting to force pop cultural cohesion by spluttering into their Staropramen any time somebody has the temerity to differ with their opinions about Animal Collective/Taylor Swift/black people passim. Read more…

This is what happens when you let people with names like “Hermione Hoby” write newspaper articles

February 27, 2011 30 comments

For those of us who’ve spent any time remotely close to the real world, being told to go and produce 1,500 words on The Strokes in 2011 is a bit like being asked to provide a form sheet for Al Gore’s chance of becoming the next president, or writing up a piece on why Ashley Judd is Hollywood’s next golden girl. Thankfully Guardian journalists have never encountered the real world. Read more…

Everyone involved in the BBC3 sitcom “Coming of Age” is going to die alone and unloved

February 23, 2011 1 comment

Imagine being the person who is responsible for the twitter feed of BBC3 sitcom “Coming of Age”. That is the job of someone out there. He or she goes into their office, sits down at a desk, boots up the old TweetDeck and searches through Twitter to find the rare existences of someone saying something vaguely positive about the worst British sitcom of the past seven years. This person must have a soul so wizened and unused that it gets regularly mistaken for the penis of MP3 blogger Matthew Perpetua. Read more…

Harry Hill is releasing a “comedy single”. It’s “fucking shit”

October 21, 2010 5 comments

The last person to fall off this hard was Conor Clapton. Read more…

A bunch of stuck-up prep school bitches who think they’re “cutting edge” because they know who Lili St Cyr is

September 15, 2010 3 comments

The worst video in Youtube history? Read more…