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Why Kate Nash is terrible and Kitty Pryde probably isn’t

July 16, 2012 2 comments

Of all the creepy skeezballs in music journalism, Everett True has to rank… somewhere in the middle. I mean, he doesn’t write for Complex so he can’t be in the top 10 percentile. Read more…


Yung Humma ft Whatchyamacallit – Happy Sexgiving

ILB’s Official Turquoise Jeep Power Rankings Read more…

Kunt and the Gang – Amy (It’s A Terrible Shamey)

“We all have different ideas of when it’s the best time to make fun of a public figure who’s died. We all have our own Dead Princess Diana jokes, but I got into a lot of trouble for what I did, which was to do a whole stand-up comedy routine consisting entirely of Dead Diana jokes, five minutes after the crash. While in Paris. Going through an underpass. In a white Fiat Uno” Read more…

In which the Irish and the Somalis fail to shake hands

June 18, 2011 1 comment

I take back what I said the other day. Maybe there’s a more inherent beauty within Youtube clips of drunken town centre fights. I think World Star Hip Hop (where this video originates) and OnSmash have kinda gotten these videos twisted with their insistence on “CRAZIEST CRACKHEAD HOOD FIGHTS EVER!!!!” The true enjoyment in these videos is that they should resemble what you can see in a town centre on any given Friday night except without the minor danger that you some jobbing policemen is going to pester you to describe “what you saw, in as simple a manner as possible please”. Read more…

Danny Brown – Outer Space

May 17, 2011 3 comments

Is “rapper threw a plastic bottle at some other rappers” really what passes for Twittersphere rap watercooler chatter in 2011? Jesus Wept. Danny Brown says he doesn’t throw plastic bottles, and if you can’t believe a man who looks like someone trying to get their life back on track after three years of heroin addiction by interning at Toni and Guy who can you trust? Read more…

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Reks – Rythmatic Eternal King Supreme

May 16, 2011 1 comment

ILB’s always felt a loose brotherhood with Americans who blog about (association) football. There’s something admirable about the purity of thought that leads a man to dedicate his online real estate to the lengthy and passionate discussion of a sport he never saw a game of until his teenage years, if not later. Read more…

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Jehst isn’t a postman

April 6, 2011 3 comments

So a few months ago this video was bouncing around UK “urban” “music” forums and Twitter, depicting one-time minor hope of UK hip-hop Jehst being surreptitiously filmed working as a postman. This resulted in “bare jokes” on internet message boards, because obviously most UK rappers are in a higher rate tax bracket and can afford to buy mid-table Championship football teams with their yearly income so a video of Jehst having a second job was cause for giggles. Read more…

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