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Songs for Zinging Lovers: An interview with The Indelicates

ILB has never hidden its adoration for The Indelicates. “American Demo”, a bucket of bile frozen and carved into something truly beautiful, is a top 10 album of the 00s around these parts, and when it comes to the noble art of trolling, for us they rank just below TISM and just above those 4Chan kids who send pizzas round to the houses of teenagers who’ve just committed suicide. The new Indelicates album, “Songs for Swinging Lovers”, is out Monday, and “Sympathy for the Devil”, its lead street single, has a video as seen above, notable for a) how it kinda sounds like The Pogues if you take the vocals off b) the tapdancing bit which feels like something from The Harry Hill Show circa 1998 c) Julia’s outfit, which caused us to spend around 15 minutes trying to find the appopriate gif from Friday to insert into this review. Here it is:

Anyway, we have actually interviewed The Indelicates, and we hereby present to you the end results. Enjoy. Read more…