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New revenue streams

ILB is now on Tumblr. This blog will be the home of lengthy wankhat thinkpieces, while the Tumblr is basically me posting wrestling matches and minor comedy works and going “hmmm”.


The best thing since wrestling, investing in etc etc etc

It was either that for a title or a reference to the utterly forgotten Bis single “Dead Wrestlers”. Read more…

Contractual Obligations #3: New Year Edition

January 10, 2009 Leave a comment


Admit it: you’re all holding out on developing a full-time opinion on Little Boots until you know where she stands on the Gaza Conflict. We all are. It’s been a fortnight where every manjack on the big boy publications has been eagerly copy-and-pasting words out of press release so you know who’s gonna be big in 2009. The answer: 7000 female solo acts with some fucking folk influence and 217 bands that sound like The Editors. It’s gonna be a classic year.

But you know IchLugeBullets sees through the bullshit. You know we can sift through the PR lies and bring you the that real. So give it up for the first Contractual Obligations of 2009. Read more…

ILB’s Contractual Obligations #2

December 1, 2008 2 comments



Well, whether we’ve been copy and pasting 7,000 words written by someone else and calling it our own content, needlessly picking on some Nuts journalist who in all fairness didn’t really deserve it, or trying to pass off a series of mediocre rape gags as content, only a fool would disagree that it’s been a banner week in the old Luge household. Even so, we’ve still got to placate those damn PR agencies. So let’s give a big round of anticipation to episode two of our Contractual Obligations. Read more…

ILB’s Contractual Obligations: #1

November 14, 2008 Leave a comment


Real talk: I don’t get the hate on PR agencies/officers. Especially the ones that deal with me. These are a group of people whose charges are so utterly inept at creating any buzz amongst themselves that they email me, a guy who runs a blog that gets sub-300 hits a day and has no major writing outlets other than a possible freelance gig with a retro video gaming magazine, to help them get next. And what do I do? I ignore them along with all the other emails in my account telling me that I could get £300 until my next payday, or from Flickr telling me that some pervert has favourited one of my photos because it features a woman standing near a telephone booth or something. So we here at ILB would like to introduce the first of a new feature: Contractual Obligations. Like the old newspaper/magazine “singles roundups” back from when bands still released singles (subs: check to see if bands do release singles still?), except solely targetting with stuff that’s plugged up my Gmail account this week. Enjoy. Read more…