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IchLugeBullets vs Them’s The Vageries: podcast event of the year

Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how either, ILB hasn’t alienated every single person out there during our four-year reign of blogging supremacy.

Indeed, among the showbiz friends of the blog are the recently relaunched I Don’t Care If You Wouldn’t, I Would and Irish rap podcast sensation Them’s the Vagaries. So it makes little surprise that when Sean of TtV was over in the UK recently, he got me and IDCIYWIW’s Tuvshin “in the studio” (read: a 7/10 Sam Smith’s pub somewhere on the outskirts of Soho) to do a podcast. Indeed, ILB’s first step into the podcast game since the much-loved Scorched Earth podcast for the Stylus decade, a podcast so brand-friendly that at least two Stylus writers unfollowed me on Twitter directly after its release.

Anyway, Them’s the Vageries 20: The Barking Ghost is out here. Listen to it asap. I’ve not listened all the way through yet, so I’m not quite sure what Sean has edited out for legal purposes. My guess is the bit about Sady Doyle’s boyfriend. Controversial.

EDIT: Thanks to Leisure’s Robert Foster for reminding me that the guy who killed himself in a matter totally unrelated to rumours of him being the man Courtney Love hired to kill Kurt Cobain was The Mentors’ vocalist El Duce.

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