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Yung Humma ft Whatchyamacallit – Happy Sexgiving

ILB’s Official Turquoise Jeep Power Rankings

1. Slick Mahony

2. Pretty Raheem

3. Flynt Flossy

4. Yung Humma

5. Whatchyamacallit

But, in a way, they’re all winners.

I was actually in email contact with Turquoise Jeep’s then press officer (presumably one of the gang using their government name) last December before they blew up outside of World Star, and was promised an interview. Instead they didn’t bother and just spoke to one of those regional US news publications that every American music writer seems to work for.

Anyway, what are they bringing to the table this time? PM Dawn hippy loverman vibes, Whatchyamacallit looking ever more like a low-end Muslim preacher, Tummiscratch standing in the middle of a wooden boat, a Flynt Flossy cartoon bear holding a set of balloons and Yung Humma revealing he has a foot fetish. I don’t know if the level of invention and attention to detail within Turqouise Jeep is more embarrassing to the staid world of rap music or the staid world of comedy.

There’s an old dictum of comedy from, I believe, animal loving racist Spike Milligan. If there’s no reason that a comedy sketch shouldn’t be done in Groucho glasses, then it should be done in Groucho glasses. I think the same applies, from this point on, to loverman R&B and rap music: if there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a duct tape moustache, ultra-relaxed hair, dyed chest wigs or a really sinister whiteboy hookman on your track, then you should get on. It’d encourage me to trot down the Soul Cafe more often, put it that way.

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