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Kunt and the Gang – Amy (It’s A Terrible Shamey)

“We all have different ideas of when it’s the best time to make fun of a public figure who’s died. We all have our own Dead Princess Diana jokes, but I got into a lot of trouble for what I did, which was to do a whole stand-up comedy routine consisting entirely of Dead Diana jokes, five minutes after the crash. While in Paris. Going through an underpass. In a white Fiat Uno”

Like most people I don’t consider a celebrity to be actually 100% dead until the point that Viz has done at least three strips taking the piss out of them in the aftermath (the “Life and Times of Michael Jackson” is probably top 20 Viz strips of all-time, if only for the “Will Michael Jackson survive his fatal heart attack? Find out in next month’s addition” punchline). But, in the interim, Kunt and the Gang will suffice.

KatG are actual long-term favourites here at ILB but we’ve tended not to write too much about them because it’s hard to get much intelligent, considered copy by just going “It’s this guy who looks like Jimmy Bullard crossed with Super Hans and he sings about wanking over Casio presets” repeatedly. But on the other hand, how many other acts could drop the lyric “Your knob is gayer than my knob, that’s not a mole it’s a little smudge of faeces” into their oeuvre without it feeling contrived?

Has The Game done a Winehouse tribute yet, or is he busy finishing off his Lucien Freud tribute track first?

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