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“Lemme Smang It” in Chinese

July 27, 2011 2 comments

As with today’s earlier Kunt and the Gang post, the Turquoise Jeep collective are another act who we’ve refrained from writing about because we get the feel that the more space I dedicate to them, the less sincere my appreciation of them will seen. Yes they are basically R&B Tim and Erics, but I’m not 100% sure how I ever had sex before I’d listened to the music of Slick Mahony. Read more…


Kunt and the Gang – Amy (It’s A Terrible Shamey)

“We all have different ideas of when it’s the best time to make fun of a public figure who’s died. We all have our own Dead Princess Diana jokes, but I got into a lot of trouble for what I did, which was to do a whole stand-up comedy routine consisting entirely of Dead Diana jokes, five minutes after the crash. While in Paris. Going through an underpass. In a white Fiat Uno” Read more…

UKHH round-up: Skinnyman tries to kill woman, goes to prison

July 26, 2011 4 comments

I think I’ve touched on this briefly before, but there’s always a sense that listening to British rap music is a lot like supporting a lower league football team: you know what you’re a fan of is of an objectionably lower quality that what you could find elsewhere but fuck it, if you can’t support local talent then what can you do. Plus there is a lot of physical similarity between British rappers and League Two footballers, what with the intoxicating mix of malnourished white guys with Tippex skin and fat black dudes with meatheads and bodies the girth of a Glastonbury tent. Read more…

Amy Winehouse is dead

July 23, 2011 42 comments

How I learned to start worrying and love Media Take Out

There’s a tendency among journalists to toss the word “minstrelsy”, or at least  the misspelled “minstrelry”, at any rap album they don’t approve of. For instance here’s someone calling Gucci Mane a minstrel, here’s someone else tossing the accusation at Jay-Z, and here’s noted scholar on the taxonomy of racial integration Nick Cannon taking shots at assorted southern rappers for being minstrels (video contains the only decent beat Nas has been on since 2005). Read more…

No one couple should have all that power

July 8, 2011 9 comments

I dunno about you, but the first thing I like to do online every morning, after monitoring my “april flores + xhamster” Google Alerts, is to read all of the New York newspapers. Who doesn’t like to be kept up to date with dollar slices and a dead rap industry and the Curse of the Bambino (think this might be Chicago, actually). Read more…