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I really have no interest in the 30 day song challenge

Is it too soon to have nostalgia for the “25 Random Things About Me” craze of 2008? Being as it was around the time Facebook became ever-present in our lives it managed to get itself a little bit of mainstream media coverage. Its spiritual successor, the “30 Day Song Challenge”, appears to be getting no similar love though. Which is weird, because if I was a spiritually bankrupt editor of a broadsheet newspaper music section right now I’d be asking every single buzzband musician offered to me to fill those 30 songs in and making it part of our Friday supplement right now.

But it’s just so fucking dull. I tried filling around some answers of my own for the questions and I was actually bored by my own opinions on music. Does anyone really care that I listen to Dean Martin’s “I Take A Lot of Pride In What I Am” when I’m miserable? Not really, no.

So I hit up YourOpenBook and tried to see if I could learn anything about this craze. And the answer was no, no I couldn’t. Popfags, old indiefags, metalfags and dudes who still remember IDM seem to be the keenest on filling these questions in. Apparently no rap fan has ever completed the 30 Song Challenge, presumably as they’re too busy discussions the ramifications of Lil Wayne releasing an album cover that’s got a cute picture on the cover instead. Anyway, here, presented without comment, 25 of my favourite posts taken from an hour’s searching.

  1. squee
    April 23, 2011 at 12:36 am

    I would’ve made all 30 of my songs anal cunt tracks

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