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16 in the clip and one in the hole: RIP Nate Dogg

I checked my WordPress stats first thing this morning, before I bothered to look at Twitter or Facebook. 2,000 hits on this one piece I wrote about Nate Dogg a few years ago within four hours. It was kinda clear what had happened.

N-A-T-E-D-O-double-G had been dying for so long I kinda have assigned the same potential immortality to him as Teddy Pendergrass. Unfortunately, the greatest hook man in history has died aged 41.

When Mike Jack died, a lot of people were scribbling around trying to find a unique take on his death. One guy decided to lead his obituary by claiming that he was one of the greatest pop lyricists of all-time, based around the fact that he’d wrote a few choruses for album tracks in the 90s. To me, this is like headlining Muhammad Ali’s obituary “Laila Ali’s father has died”.

This is the problem here, it could be far too easy to over-intellectualise the passing of Nate Dogg and I’m sure right now people are comparing him to Barack Obama or positing that he was the leading influence on dubstep as if any of that shit a) is true or b) would even matter if it was.

Fact: Nate Dogg was the greatest vocalist of the past two decades. From “All Bout U” to “Dumb” the guy had vocals smokey enough to give you emphysema. He made so many mediocre rap singles enjoyable and enough decent rap singles into classics just by strolling onto the hook and talking about getting his dick sucked and his blunts rolled.

The simple fact is today the potential future of a lot of mainstream rap crossover singles just diminished heavily. There won’t be another guy who can polish a track as well as Nathaniel did. The Nate Dogg mix mentioned in that old post is on Soundcloud here. With any luck it’ll be going viral right about today.

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