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Norma Jean Dotson – Hero of the day

ILB doesn’t do “politics” because we have 1,000 other ways to start needless arguments IRL. However, we do love a good beaten-into-the-ground meme. We missed out on Sheenageddon (our one idea was a parody of those “Sheen quotes over pictures of x” virals that sprang up on Tumblr by doing Sheen quotes over, say, aerial shots of Droylsden or images of the Aberfan mining tragedy). So instead, we wanna talk for a few seconds on that “racist Americans go ‘lol Pearl Harbour’ on Facebook” viral that’s been blowing up over the past 12 hours.

The great thing about Facebook is its ease of stalking people, especially dumb fucks who haven’t changed their privacy settings. So say hello to “Erick Dotson”, who you may know best from that viral’s “Dear Japan, Remember Pearl Harbor? Karma’s a bitch : )” comment about three up from the bottom.

He enjoys the music of John Tesh, Judge Joe Brown and the hit movie Run Ronnie Run. He is “an avid supporter of the legalization of marijuana” and “unemployed”. Unrelated, obv. Also his common-law wife appears to have walked out on him, so maybe you wanna cut him some slack as she might have left him for former ECW superstar “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Yoshihiro Tajiri, explaining his Oriental antagonism.

He also appears to be having a Facebook argument with the lead singer of Essex-based hardcore act Circle The Sky. I dunno what that’s about.

Anyway, so my man’s gone out there on Facebook, gone in with the racism, sat back to pull a trollface… and what happens in the middle of the shit storm?

He gets his punk card pulled by his fucking grandmother in front of an audience of bored Googlers, people who know how to use YourOpenBook and assorted /b/ laggers. That just has to be embarrassing as fuck. Especially when your grandmother is a 71-year-old who describes herself as liking Michelle Obama, cleaning beds and CSI and hates child sex offenders.

If my one living grandmother wants to pop up in this comment section to pay tribute to my work, I’m not gonna moan. I know this isn’t a real post but it’s the kind of stuff they do on Gawker and they seem to be doing OK.

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