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Race-baiting for pleasure and profit

March 29, 2011 5 comments

Names we strongly considered for this site before settling on Ich Luge Bullets: Critical Edgeplay, Cucina Povera, Ethnic Babyface. It was the later we were really close to going for in the end, before deciding it was a little too close to post-Gervaisian “racism, but with an awkward pause afterwards so it’s OK yeah?” irony. Read more…


White people singing Eazy-E megapost

March 27, 2011 3 comments

Has any rapper provided as much entertainment in death as Eric Wright? Whereas the post-respirating careers of Pac, Biggie and Dilla have consisted mainly of chinstroking reappraisals and those bits in Notorious where the fat guy looks off into the middle distance and nods his head thoughtfully, every few months Eazy is discovered to have hired militant Jewish nationalists as his bodyguards, or they dig up interviews where he tempted fate by making some AIDS zingers. I just don’t think there was ever as entertaining a rapper as Eazy, and while subsequent short-ass MCs have upped their srs-face intake (particularly thinking of TI’s cuban heel-wearing ass here) in order to seem threatening, Eazy was just the perfect firecracker of anger, chippiness and humour. Yesterday was 16 years since his passing and rather than pay tribute by putting some thought into a post instead here’s lots of Youtube clips of white people singing Eazy joints. Read more…

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Rainbow Noise > OFWGKTA

March 23, 2011 2 comments

When Eminem was still relevant it was pretty common for music publications to run the same article every six months wondering aloud whether or not we’d ever see an openly gay rapper. I think the argument they were running with was “Who knows what would happen if you gave a gay rapper an absolutely amazing beat to work with, surely it’d be a hit?” Well I don’t have “Girl You Be Killin’ Em”’s chart positions to hand so I can’t answer that question. All I do know is I’ve not seen anyone mention Q-Boy, Caushun and the Deep Dickollective over and over again to fill up wordcount for a long time so: hey, journalists, bring back writing shitty articles about the four gay rappers out there. Read more…

Behold Hermione, Little Miss Poundbury

(video posted because 99.9% of you won’t understand the title)

22 days ago today. I’d visited my parents’ for lunch, was feeling kinda veal Milanese’d out, and rather than sit it off via watching yet another fuck-awful Palermo performance under Serse Cosmi, I thought I’d dick about on the internet for a bit instead. And while I was online, one of our connex sent us a link to this piece of mediocre Guardian idiocy and I thought, “Meh, nothing better to do, set phasers to ‘zing’”. The piece took us maybe 45 minutes, nothing more. Read more…

Action Bronson and other dudes that rap about wrestling

March 19, 2011 2 comments

For ages I used to think those stories about how people in the 80s were absolutely gobsmacked when they found out Madonna and Rick Astley were white were total bullshit, but over Xmas I saw a picture of The Waitress and found out that their lead singer was black so maybe there’s some truth in it. Anyway, the confusing thing/main selling point of Action Bronson is that although he sounds like a sleep deprived Ghostface he looks like a Scottish Games Workshop employee, not totally dissimilar to that hilarious late 1980s ventriloquist whose main gimmick was inviting people up on stage and giving them silly voices to talk with. Read more…

16 in the clip and one in the hole: RIP Nate Dogg

March 16, 2011 2 comments

I checked my WordPress stats first thing this morning, before I bothered to look at Twitter or Facebook. 2,000 hits on this one piece I wrote about Nate Dogg a few years ago within four hours. It was kinda clear what had happened. Read more…

Smiley Culture is dead

I knew bro had some recent financial problems/run-ins with the law, but he was one of the last people I expected to go all Elliot Smith on us. YouTube isn’t throwing up his appearance on some awful British attempt at Sesame Street for the 80s where he starts toasting at a bunch of very scared stage school kids, so instead just pour a 40oz of Red Stripe out for him over this joint from back when he had better coping mechanisms for police officer interferences.