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Urban myth/filler of the day: Hughie Green was a latter-day Joseph Goebbels

Things everybody knows about Hughie Green: 1) He was the host of “Opportunity Knocks” 2) He was Paula Yates’ bastard father 3) He pioneered the “Is he actually American or is he just taking the piss?” accent later popularised by Paul Gambaccini.

Things that are slightly lesser-known about Green: 1) He was a massive cunt in real life and bullied his “Double Your Money” co-host Monica Rose into suicide. 2) He had really, really right-wing beliefs. The Youtube clip at the top is from his 1977 single “Stand Up And Be Counted”, in which Green basically calls for the withdrawal of the right of the worker to strike.. His performance of it on an episode of “Opportunity Knocks”, complete with uniformed marching band, was described as a “mini-Nuremburg Rally” and saw him fired from his position. Just to reiterate here: the man took ten minutes out of a light entertainment show usually devoted to dog trainers and singing six-year-olds to call for military action against the workers of British Leyland.

What I didn’t know about Green until today: some may be loosely aware of the planned military coups against Harold Wilson in the 1970s usually attributed to the McWhirter brothers (before they got boyed by the IRA), Lord Mountbatten (ditto) and IPC owner Cecil King (dunno). What’s less famous is that they had apparently chosen Hughie Green as their propaganda chief to sell the revolution to the British public via his television appearances. Just think, if that had have gone ahead, we’d never have had The Tube because Paula Yates would have been a General-For-Life heir character.

SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL: Really creepy webpage dedicated to one of the other co-hosts on Double Your Money, Sabrina, who hasn’t been on TV for 60 years.

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