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The Overtones: not really feeling this tbh

Dunno if you’d noticed from this blog’s content and the 9 gigabytes of Memphis Wrestling on my hard drive but I consider myself a bit of an Amero-phile. I like the bolo tie. I like those hamburgers that are so full of shit that they have to be eaten one bun at a time like a kind of surrealistic take on German breakfasts. I can even name three baseball players (the one that fucked Marilyn Monroe, the one that fucked Madonna, the one that beat the cripple to death).

But this is a step too far for me. Vocal harmony groups in the UK? Not even just that but vocal harmony groups in the UK with national media advertising. It was kinda cute when gay nerds in high schools up and down these fair isles started setting up glee clubs, but this is just retarded. I mean that bit in “The Social Network” where your lads are going in on a vocal harmony take on “I Swear” just comes across as utterly alien to a UK audience. Our posh chinless inbred students prefer to pursue being Richard Ayoade as their university entertainment option.

These cunts fucking butcher “The Longest Time” as well. Here’s how a real musician tackles it:

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