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Rating the Odd Future memes

The moment that it clicked for me that Odd Future were going to make it, in a Robert Kubica way if not a Fernando Alonso one, was when I found out they had their own tag already set up on Hipster Runoff. Not used yet, just set up for when it needs to be dropped. And it makes sense, like Lil B OFWGKTA are an ideal band for the Carles lifestyle Tumblr generation because they trade heavily in memes. The original mediocre Pitchfork chinstroke piece on them was actually called “The /b/ Boys” but then didn’t go on to mention 4Chan at all for some reason, presumably when you come up with a pun that’s as 4/10 as that you don’t need to incorporate it into your article text. Anyway, while none of OFWGKTA’s memes are as good as “Link mah boi” there’s still enough there to get vaguely excited about. Here’s a spotter’s guide to them.

Their design style

I realise that the OFWGKTA graphical outlook is influenced by contemporary sk8 art because I used to walk past this door in Wood Green where someone had stuck 50,000 skate company stickers for some reason so I know that 95% of it is a picture of someone from the 60s with a black box over their eyes on some “MAYBE THE SUBURBS ARE SINISTER” ish. But that’s not what Odd Future covers remind me of. You know what they do remind me of? The Smiths. You can take any photo and turn it into a Smiths album cover in 20 seconds in Photoshop, greyscale it and dick around with the colour settings. Similarly, if you know where the dither and bloat settings are located and you have a copy of that one font they use you can turn any photo into an Odd Future mixtape cover. Ideal for your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah party invites.


“Free Earl”

I have no idea what it means, but for some reason when you Google Image Search “FREE YAYO”, the first 20 results that are actually of the T-shirt are all being worn by white people. Anyway, where is Earl Sweatshirt? Juvie? Summer camp? Grounded? Pretty smart marketing strategy created by those who realise he’s the perfect character to play ODB to Tyler’s RZA? Whatever it is, the letters “FREE EARL” do have a nice look to them when written down. Yet another testament to this band’s fine sense of graphic design.

RATING: Somewhere above “FREE PIMP C” and below “FREE C MURDER”. 4/10



Pictures from Peanuts, except with some Odd Future lyrics written over the top of them. Remember when Oh Word did this with Wu Tang lyrics about eight years ago? Remember how that was funny? Remember how this isn’t? This is where mediocre OFWGKTA memes created by Tumblr users basically jumped the shark, the moment where it became vaguely obvious people were just hoping that their oh-so-clever concept might get them picked up for a blook deal a la Hipster Cats. And no. No it won’t.


Odd Bieber

This is the moment were mediocre memes created by Tumblr users clawed back some respectability. I know that chucking the Bieb into your meme is a shameless attempt at piggybacking but fuck it, even I was throwing up Bieber NBA All-Star Weekend gifs on my Facebook wall, and I don’t even know the rules of basketball. Odd Bieber at least shows a vague understanding of OFWGKTA design style and there’s the “it’s a very polite Christian kid with some violent rap lyrics~!” style of humour that one could see as an extension of the classic 1990s “uptight white person wins over a crowd of black people by rapping” comedy that we all know and love so, yeah, I’ll allow it.


Yonkers gifs

Is Tyler gif-friendly? Gaga is, Ke$ha isn’t, Katy Perry’s tits are but the rest of her isn’t. Is gif-friendliness an essential part of a modern pop star? I don’t think so. I think this is where /b/ becomes at least vaguely relevant because you could throw some of these up on 4chan’s animated gif board, but there’s not really much going on there. A good gif should have someone rolling their eyes, eating popcorn or saying “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. How am I supposed to win a forum debate with a gif of a skinny kid eating a bug?


Telling rap bloggers to go fuck themselves

When is this ever not funny?



Oh man. This is where the critic in me just wants to step in and shove the wankhat on. Nobody is really talking about the rape content in OFWGKTA’s songs because everybody is talking about how they’re not going to talk about it. A spectacularly fucking retarded piece in NPR recently said that the lyrics “are the least interesting thing about Odd Future” (yeah, because that sounds like a positive for a rap group). Nobody wants to talk about it because as soon as we do the mixture of handwringing, crap analogies and just idiocy from both sides of the argument is going to make the “Wait (The Whisper Song)” wars of 2005 look like the end credits of “Sleepless In Seattle” when it comes to positive moments for gender relations. I mean, this is horrorcore, and it’s hypocritical of me to have my favourite horrorcore lyric of the past five years be “Army of the Pharoahs, we never make love songs/We fingerfuck bitches with Freddie Krueger gloves on” and then complain about this. So I won’t. Those of you who’ve got a last.fm account and have been bumping a significant amount of OF over the past few months do go to the Gender Plot calculator on the site. Odd Future seem to be about as popular with women as Julian Assange and Marlon King on a stag night.


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