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Everyone involved in the BBC3 sitcom “Coming of Age” is going to die alone and unloved

Imagine being the person who is responsible for the twitter feed of BBC3 sitcom “Coming of Age”. That is the job of someone out there. He or she goes into their office, sits down at a desk, boots up the old TweetDeck and searches through Twitter to find the rare existences of someone saying something vaguely positive about the worst British sitcom of the past seven years. This person must have a soul so wizened and unused that it gets regularly mistaken for the penis of MP3 blogger Matthew Perpetua.

Lemme put shit in context. ITV used to have this late night joint called something like “Fire The Writers” or “Sack The Writers”. You, the viewer at home, could write your own comedy sketches, send them in and they’d be performed on-screen by what looked like Huddersfield University’s Improv Comedy Society. The sketches were poorly written, the comedians had no acting ability and everything had this really, really awkward feel to it like it had been filmed in 1991 and was only being released now because everyone involved had since died. There was literally a haunting quality to how amateur and shit it was. And that’s what “Coming Of Age” reminds me of. Except it’s not written by amateurs it’s written by a man who has a cast iron BBC writing contract and presumably owns his own house. This is the kind of shit Biased BBC should be angry about, not black people moving in next door to them or that Thai rentboy they met once they can’t get out of their head.

And I know everyone has already said how shit this show is but sometimes you gotta just add your voice to the choir. From what I understand of comedy nowadays, most writers’ dream gig is scripting children’s TV shows. They have a decent budget, the BBC don’t interfere much and you might get to meet bro from “My Parents Are Aliens” who turned up in “The Thick Of It” briefly. It must be that when the audience gets to 16 the Beeb cuts the budget down to £20 an episode and hands everyone involved with the project a list of “objectives” for each show that just makes every given moment come across as strained, ordained and really really try-too-hard.

Remember the second series of “I’m Alan Partridge”? Remember how it wasn’t very good because Alan started talking in nothing but potential catchphrases in an attempt to recreate the “Jurassic Park” moment of series one? 95% of the dialogue in “Coming Of Age” feels exactly like that. Do you think that Alan adopting “Balamory” as a nu-“Jurassic Park” would have been remotely funny? No, and that’s coming from beloved comedian/Courtney Love schtupper Steve Coogan. It’s not going to work when coming out of the mouth of this prick on “Coming Of Age” who looks like the supporting actor in a Triga movie.

The other 5% of dialogue is spoken by the male lead, who looks like former Lee and Herring/Russell Brand weedcarrier and one-time rape suspect Trevor Lock with AIDS. The female lead is the ginger broad who was in “The Worst Witch”. She has no comic timing, no screen presence, her character is ill-defined and she has no aptitude for the pacing or technical side of sitcom acting whatsoever. She is easily the best thing about this show.

This is a fucking TV show broadcasting in 2011 that uses the “2B or not 2B” pencil/Shakespeare gag as a scene-ending applause line. That kind of gag may have “just” made it as a bottom of the page filler joke for Dennis The Menace’s Fan Club back in 1989. I refuse to believe the 16-year-olds of today are less intelligent than I was aged seven.

But hey, don’t take my word from it. Let’s see what the Social Media Guru behind @bbcComingofAge has to say:



  1. March 13, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    FYI – that show was called ‘Shoot The Writers’. It’s possibly even worse than you remember it:

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