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Your 2011 XXL Freshmen issue cover

Oh wow yeah, these guys were all certainly in exactly the same room when this photo was taken.


Fred The Godson kinda makes that lesbian PE teacher get-up work for him, really needs to be blowing on a whistle and shouting “all right girls, get in the shower”

Meek Mill actually being dressed like a rapper



Diggy Simmons is a Disney star right? Like I’m looking at that and going “Cool, they’re doing a rap version of ‘Camp Rock’, I’ll Netflix it”.

Big K.R.I.T. showing the same artistic flourishes on custom clothing more commonly associated with Hole fans scrawling “SLUT WHORE CUNT SUICIDE” onto a Fruit Of The Loom t-shirt in pink marker pen circa 1998

Cyphi The Prince: the only reason anyone holds a ruler like that is because they’re about to say “you’ve been a…. bad girl”.

Lil Twist: morelike gay homo

Mac Miller: oh yeah, no, the US really needs its own version of Example

YG: You look like you’ve just shat yourself

Lil B: (15,000 word blog post on what Lil B means without actually mentioning what the music sounds like once)


I think in future XXL Freshman issue covers should all have one Eastern European rapper on in order to give things a more cosmopolitan flavour.

  1. tomas
    February 22, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    that dude has his dickie all over diggys head

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