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Fred The Godson – Headbanger

For the record I came with the MAC #serato

ILB was conversating with one of its indie brethren a few weeks ago on the day the White Stripes split. While attempt to put “the new rock revolution” into some vague context the point was raised that what this actually did wasn’t bring guitars back but let guitar bands that it was OK to be attractive again. There’s a big gap between, say, Ooberman and The Strokes when it comes to getting that underwear advert money, and while I’d rather stick my dick in a sausage grinder than Karen O at least the intent was there.

Rap has the exact opposite problem that indie did in 2000 right now. It needs some ugly people in it. The global chart rap footprint is currently split 50/50 between BoB-ish beta maledom and “I’m not a business, man, I’m a limited corporation under the umbrella of a Cayman Islands-based” Old Man In A Suit Rap For Q Readers. I think this is part of why everyone has gotten (over)excited about Odd Future, because a bunch of guys doing a Psycho+Logical Muppet Babies routine is as far as you can get from Bruno Mars’ R&B for Twilight fans steed.

So Many Shrimp already touched on this but Fred The Godson is a really ugly guy, like a black version of that Chinese baby eating McDonalds you seen in Photoshop contest sometimes. And that really plays into his outsider-y package, as he says in one recent freestyle: “I’m like G-Unit, I ain’t got no game”. Plus he’s bringing back punchline rap which is a good thing, because a rap song with less than 15 punchlines is, quite frankly, worthless. “Headbanger” probably would have worked better if it’d have had Mosh and Thrasher turning up halfway through to cut a promo on The Godwinns but I made it all the way through Fred’s recent “The Talk of New York” mixtape and I didn’t find anything to get annoyed about. I even enjoyed it. If this dude’s a potential prospect then he might be the first person to have affected any positive changes in the rap mindset for too fucking long.

Also is his name meant to be a “God’s Son” pun or did his dad ask Don Vito for a favour on his daughter’s wedding day?

Fred The Godson – Live From HQ Freestyle (MP3)

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  1. February 22, 2011 at 2:07 am

    Speaking of mcdonalds hes got the build of Grimace

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