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Millionaires – Party Like A Millionaire

ILB is DGAF 4 life, bitches.

We’re gonna keep riding this band until you get sick of it. Since we last checked into Millionaires HQ, they’ve lost one member (the Samantha Ronson-crossed-with-Blossom lookin’ one) and have acquired a new member (don’t really care who they are tbh, this band is Melissa’s). And having dropped a faux-Ke$ha joint that got them the major kudos one can only get when you’re chosen to appear on “Scott Mills’ Big Ones” album (available for streaming from your local Spotify player), they’ve gone back to Millionaire basics with “Party Like A Millionaire”.

“White girl with the bomb-ass pussy”. “I’m gonna dance like a slut, and I don’t even care”. “Middle finger in the air if your pussy’s tight”. “Kiss my ass in slow motion”.  “Do it in the stall, one boy at a time”.  A request to “holla” if your penis has sufficient girth. A call and response section based around the concept of “bomb ass pussy”. And a “DGAF TILL I DIE” shout out. Stunning. Truly stunning.

Look, the music here is absolutely identical to the music about 500 bands you’ve never heard of that are currently filling out under-18s venues nationwide sound like, and they all have names like The Heart Burns and were crunk screamo until they realised they were straining their voice. Other than the fact Millionaires have tits, what’s the difference here? And how earnest can someone actually be about liking their music?

It is dreadful by every understandable rubric you could measure them against. The music is tinny and the lyrics are pretty repugnant. But but but… there’s something about the whole package with the Millionaires, they’re a bunch of scene queens who’ve gone above and beyond what is/isn’t acceptable for a scene queen to be and when it comes to Scarfe-ian caricatures they’ve got it wrapped up. On one level they could almost be compared to your Stepin Fetchitt/Sleep and Eat style dudes fr0m the 30s and 40s: they’re an embarrassing caricature of their social “group” but they work it so extremely that they kinda become… empathetical? Honourable? Worthy of respect? Man, I’m DGAF though, so don’t take my word from it, read this directly from the Facebook account of John C Reilly:

Millionaires – Party Like A Millionaire (MP3)

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