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Is there any good meat in Mianus?

You wanna talk about serendipity? On the day OFWGKTA tweet that, ILB has its first piece of paid writing in over 24 months published. I know, right? It’s in the Norn Irish culture magazine AU, and it’s on the wonder of Jackass. You can read it in full beautiful colour here. And this would strike me as good a time as any to throw up Youtube clips of my favourite Jackass moments

Office Chairs

Just my all-time favourite Jackass skit. Everything about it is perfect, outside of Scorsese nobody ever paired a song to a piece of film as well as this, Ryan Dunn does some great mugging at the very start of this, which Brandon Di Camillo nearly matches later on when he’s pretending to type documents. The homoerotica is at the level when it starts to become dangerous during this, but then someone gets hit on the head with a briefcase so it’s OK. And the pathetic bit at the end when Bam Margera has to prove he can SKATE WELL in case you think he’s just a glorified circus clown. Beautiful.

The Vomelet

Is vomiting always funny? I mean, some people will say “not when it comes to bulimics”, but then I found all the stories about John Prescott eating four M&S trifles before upchucking them hilarious. And I don’t mean the tiny trifles you get after your sarnie, I mean the proper big fuck-off ones in the large bowls. Eating raw onions is funny on its own as well, as mediocre stage hypnotists have shown us throughout the years. More appetising than most of the shit Sophie Dahl cooks on her show as well.

Party Boy

The best Party Boy moment is on the extended highlights from the first movie, in which he does his thing in front of a bunch of humourless rockabilly dudes, who clearly didn’t give permission to appear in the movie lest their love of Brian Setzer was somehow diminshed. So instead, here’s Chris Pontius waving his dick at a couple of black dudes.


Would have assumed the most dangerous thing you can do with a rugby team is be a stripper in their company, but I suppose having the shit leathered out of you by the London Irish comes a close second.

  1. onimo
    September 8, 2010 at 11:26 am

    “Is vomiting always funny?”
    As long as I can overcome my initial sympathy heave reflex, then yes. The Jackass Milk Challenge is maybe my favourite (among many) Jackass vomit clip just for the sheer volumes being ejected towards the end

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