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Playboy Tre ft Joell Ortiz – Work

Exciting new look for Ich Luge Bullets, same old rote praise of MP3s from maybe six different rappers and four different indie bands. We were pretty high on the Slaughterhouse albums when it dropped for reasons we can’t really remember… although it did lead us to write this piece of high-end content, I’m not really 100% sure what it brought to the table that I couldn’t have received from, say, listening to the second Arsonists album. When they fired all the black members (subs, please check that’s right).

Anyway, so I have no appetite for a new Slaughterhouse record, but Joel Oritz hooking up (no William Hague) with Playboy Tre over 12 tracks is something we could muster up some enthusiasm for. “Work” is taken from Playboy Tre’s newest mixtape, “The Last Call”, and while it isn’t as immediate a piece of drinking rap as “Liquor Store Mascot” was, it gets a passing grade from ILB, especially if you cut it off a track short so the entire album is free of any influence from BOB. We’ve said it before: we appreciate the hustle he’s put in to fucking Hayley Williams, we just wish we didn’t have to hear it every time we roll down Fitness First to get our sweat on.

Fury’s behind the boards for this joint, and whereas his contribution to “Liquor Store Mascot” was the Eurythmics-looping “Everybody’s Looking 4 Something”, here he pretty much pulls the same “remember that one song you like? Here’s the chorus over and over again” trick with “Work To Do” by the Isley Brothers. And, really, Ronald Isley brings ever-so-slightly more to a rap track than Dave Stewart does. Ortiz and Tre both go in on the “Everyman Of Rap” tip, and it’s weird that it’s taken at least two years since Lehmann collapsed for rap of this kind to sound earnest. We’re feeling this track like sciatica.

Playboy Tre ft Joell Ortiz – Work (MP3)

Playboy Tre – The Last Call (ZIP)

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