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I want this song playing every time I walk into a room from this point on

I think people have done the Rat Pack/rapper analogies before, but moreso in terms of personality, force of charisma over content and desires to be a triple-threat in entertainment, rather than the actual logistics of fandom. So let me say that what appreciating 1950s crooners has most in common with being an, idk, Gucci stan in 2010 is the sheer volume of material that’s available, with nobody ever really bothering to ink “yes” or “no” in the margins to let you know where to start. I mean, Dean Martin has been a figure in my musical life ever since the nurse slapped me, and 27 years later I here this track for the first time?

Anyway, no great revelations here, but history is unfairly wiping out all the dumb novelty tracks musicians did in the 50s and early 60s. I mean, going back to the rap analogy, the vibe here is almost something like a cipher, Dean and Nat trying to top each other with tales of treating their woman shittily, jumping on each others lines and using them as a springboard.

I think it was well known that Dino was ign’ant, but King Cole seems to relish the call to arms to beat the fuck out of all womenfolk in this song a little too much. Song kinda feels like it could have done with Bing Crosby as an older brother figure at the end, but it’s all good if you ask me. Feels like one of those Family Guy episodes with Frank Jr in for no real reason.

  1. MF
    August 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

    If only this had been one of the numbers Dean performed in Rio Bravo.

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