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Von Pea ft Willi Dudat – Steppin’ Outro

I must be wrong here, but… is this the first rap track to flip a “Steppin’ Out” sample? This song reached the hip-hop heights of PeanutButterWolf’s “BadMeaningGood” DJ compilation, as well as holding it down as a playlist staple for Jono Coleman back in his Virgin Radio days for nearly five years (and, when you think about it, surely Russ & Jono, what with their big personalities, health problems from excessive consumption, and a split that saw one disappear while one fell into mainstream abhorrence truly were the UK’s Big Pun and Fat Joe?)

I mean, I know there’s that Gabriella Climi track that uses the bassline from this, and she looks like she probably has fucked a lot of rappers (at least 80% willingly), but that doesn’t count.

Von Pea (not to be confused with vaguely blappable alt-model and Front Magazine doyen “Von”) is one-third of ILB favourites Tanya Morgan, who have seemingly given in on that “one release every three equinoxes” schtick that they were on for the start of their career and have gotten into the proper rapper mindset of carpet-bombing the landscape. With TM, this is a good thing: none of their current releases feature a freestyle over “Over”, for instance.

“So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes” is the grammar-mangling mixtape from Von Pea to precede his September release, “Pea’s Gotta Have It”, not to be confused with Von Pea and fellow TMer Donwill’s recent “The Sandwich Shop” tape of rhymes over Roots’ instrumentals, or Donwill’s, frankly ill-advised, John Cusack-themed LP “High Fidelity” (if you gotta make a rap album based around any moment in Cusack’s career, go with the bit in Gross Pointe Blank where he lifts that kid up, imho).

Anyway, no full review but rest assured said album is dope and “Steppin’ Outro” is the best thing on it, if only for the fact that “Food Stamps” wastes the album’s best beat on a 50-second freestyle skit. Cop it, it’s ILB-endorsed. Also, on a “vaguely related to hip-hop referencing Punch Out” tip, the Wikipedia entry for “Piggy Bank” looks ridic detailed until you realise that it’s actually the same information written three different times in three different formats. [citation needed]

Von Pea ft Willi Dudat – Steppin’ Outro (MP3)

Von Pea – So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of All Mixtapes

  1. MF
    July 14, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    I ride for Grosse Point Blank, but The Sure Thing ftw as Cusack’s finest moment.

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