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Post-Midnight Youtube filler: Outkast ft Killer Mike and Jay-Z – Flip Flop Rock

1 year ago
everybody on the track rippeddddd it!!! How the fuck was killer mike wack?!?! niggas need to start readin books cuz they obviously can’t understand the intellectual level he be spittin on!!
So while the rest of the internet has already chewed up and devoured “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty” (no surprise to see an Outkast member namechecking The Amewican Dweam again, but Scott Hall as well? As well as a stripper pole, does Boi’s basement also have a collection of Steve McMichael tapes?), we’ve held off on it on account of having a gum  infection that makes us unable to concentrate on anything for longer than 12 seconds without punching a wall in excruciating agony. So, instead, here’s “Flip Flop Rock” again.
Penelope Cruz’s middle name isn’t Ann, and she isn’t in either “Eyes Wide Shut” or “Legally Blonde”, or any production of “Swan Lake”. Never really got that. She did, however, get her break as the host of a teen-specific magazine talkshow in Spain in the early 90s, and to the best of my knowledge this never happened in the UK, unless I missed Tilda Swinton on Watch This Space (although according to IMDB, one host on it did go on to appear in a Chuckle Brothers sitcom).
Could never tell if Boi and Mike hitting the mic on some “MONEY MAKETH NOT THE MC” ish before Jay turns up and raps about how his shoes are expensive was meant to be some sort of merking or whether they just couldnae be fucked to tell him what the song’s message was. tbh, you can stop this song a minute early and it gains a lot.
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