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ILB cashes in on the Steve Driver/Tom Dong murder

So for the uninitiated, the American porn actor Stephen Hill, who performed under the screen name “Steve Driver”, went skitz last week and murdered one of his co-stars with a samurai sword. Yesterday, he decided to top his week off by throwing himself off of a cliff. What a life.

Now, the murder victim in question was a “Tom Dong”, who co-starred with Driver in a series of cuckolding movies: Driver playing the long-dicked ethnic stud, Dong as the put upon Oriental cornuto. A sexualised Tucker and Chan, if you will. ILB, after some brief research, would now like to present to you the two DVD covers they appeared together on. Warning: this post contains highly dubious racial imagery, also cocks.

I remember circa 2008, upon discovering that anti-racial cuckold porn was the new hotness, asking people whether or not they thought men who were into the idea of their wife fucking a black dude as they looked on helplessly would be more or less likely to vote for Obama. Nobody was able to give me a good answer either way. Still, more questions than answers here, specifically “why ‘cuckhold'” and did Dong have to stick his dick in a glass of ice water before going on set as a kind of “anti-fluff”? I mean, look at the facial expression dude is pulling on the top left-hand corner of the first DVD. I’ve not seen a more cartoonishly offensive depiction of an AZN since Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In a way, maybe he deserved to die.

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