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Post-Midnight YouTube Filler: Roxy Music – More Than This

VitzTheLocutor 3 days ago

I don’t believe in records. I believe in small little music boxes with data files on them.

That was what Sci Fi writers imagined when I was young and it came true. So the “future” is not all trash. And I also believe that if you look into Paul McCartney’s huge production you will find one or more songs that you like as much as this unforgettable gem.

The main reason I regret taking up journalism as a full-time career isn’t that it means my co-workers from now until my coronary death at 47 will be solely self-loathing emotional cripples who are yet to develop a handshake acquaintance with dignity, morality or ethics. No, it’s just the money thing, and the resultant financial fact that I’m going to be stuck in flatshares until at least my early 30s.

I’ve lived with them all. From guys who watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid twice a week through to that annoying poet finnoch at uni whose wine bottle I pissed in, ILB has lived with them all and recorded all of their foibles and quirks down in order to use as filler material for the inevitable string of mediocre REAL MAN fiction I’ll end up writing in my early 30s.

Except… at post-graduate I lived with, among others, some chick from Hexham whose parents were minted. Her father owned two racehorses and she actively enjoyed the music of Donovan Frankenreiter. And she told me, one night while drunk, the greatest piece of libellous gossip about pro-hunting gobshite Otis Ferry. And…. I’ve forgotten it. Every single word of it. Over the past 18 months, occasionally, I’ve tried racking my brain, and nothing comes out. I don’t want to email someone and go “Hey, remember when that bottle of Absolut Vanilla went missing? Yeah, my bad. Anyway, Bryan’s son: where did he stick what and with who again?”, so…. all I can remember is it involved strippers. But the boring, middle class molested-by-the-fathers strippers, not the good trafficked Eastern European ones. Anyone who has any idea on what Otis Ferry’s dark secrets are, please email me. Thanks.

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